Polish Filmmakers Association

The Polish Filmmakers Association (PFA), Poland’s largest organisation uniting the industry’s professionals, has been tirelessly upholding the interests of filmmakers and the filmmaking community ever since 1966.

Animals and people

An orphanage deep in the Owl Mountains; children liberated from a concentration camp; a pack of feral dogs prowling the surrounding forests. The shooting for "Wolf Mountain" has begun. Jakub Demiańczuk interviews director Adrian Panek.

Herr Zulehner of Silicon Valley

What will the single market mean for us and why did even Victor Hugo consider it a bad idea? An essay by Wojciech Orliński

A Tale of Human Nature

“Birds Sing in Kigali” by Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze was one of the best-received titles in Karlovy Vary. Krzysztof Kwiatkowski reports.

Proof of Hypocrisy

The first interview with Magdalena Łazarkiewicz since she wrapped filming for “Powrót”. Paweł T. Felis talks to the director.

There Are No Happy Endings After Genocide

The world premiere of “Birds Sing in Kigali” will take place on 4 July at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Magdalena Żakowska talks to the film’s director, Joanna Kos Krauze.

Why Do You Make Movies About Love?

Bodo Kox gives first interview about his upcoming film "Man With the Magic Box" to Magdalena Żakowska

“Birds Are Singing in Kigali” in Race for the Crystal Globe

“Birds Are Singing in Kigali”, directed by Joanna Kos-Krauze and Krzysztof Krauze, will be screened in the Main Competition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.