The spectacular successes of the Polish film industry are rooted in a number of political and legal changes in Polish cinematography after the fall of Communism. The establishment of the Polish Film Institute, following the passing of the Cinematography Act and regulations on radio and TV broadcasting, contributed to the recovery of the film industry in Poland. Appreciated by local viewers and critics alike, Polish movies also appeal to the juries at European festivals and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Our organization, the Directors’ Guild of Poland, follows in the footsteps of the Council of Directors – a group that once functioned alongside the Polish Filmmakers Association. As a trade union of Polish directors, the Guild has a duty and vocation to continue working for positive changes in the film industry.

Practical concerns have introduced new problems and challenges to the film industry; there will be no solving these issues without our participation. In the era of fetishization of box office results and commodification of movies as ephemeral products of the entertainment industry, the future of Polish filmmaking should be shaped primarily by directors – the community that still approaches films mainly as an art form. Our cinematography should not be constrained by the viewer/producer/distributor triangle. The legacy and accomplishments of Polish cinema oblige our creators to maintain the highest standards of staying in touch with the audiences.


Members of the Board of Directors’ Guild of Poland:

Agnieszka Holland,honorary President of Directors’ Guild of Poland

Andrzej Jakimowski,President of Directors’ Guild of Poland

Sławomir Fabicki, Member of the Board

Anna Jadowska, Member of the Board

Bartosz Konopka, Member of the Board

Jan P. Matuszyński, Member of the Board

Łukasz Ronduda, Member of the Board

Andrzej Saramonowicz, Member of the Board

Agnieszka Smoczyńska, Member of the Board