Films need to be felt, not thought up

This year’s International Film Festival in Rotterdam VPRO Big Screen Award went to "Nina" by Olga Chajdas. Tomasz Kolankieiwcz talks to director.

I’m not interested in what people say

“My protagonist has this thing where she needs to control everything around her. It’s a disease of affluence we all get.” – says Jagoda Szelc, the writer and director of “Tower. A Bright Day”. Interview by Tomasz Kolankiewicz.

Art Trumps Love

He’s an established artist, she is taking her first steps in the art world. “They both turn their tribulations in love and life into art – her installations and his performances. It’s just a question of who uses it first” - Łukasz Ronduda talks about his latest film “A Heart of Love”

That Had to Be Shown

Andrzej Jakimowski talks about his new film "Once Upon a Time in November" with Magdalena Żakowska

EFA Protests Against Dismissal of PFI Director

EFA Protests Against Dismissal of PFI Director Magdalena Sroka. Open letter to the Minister of Culture and National Heritage

“A Heart of Love” trailer came out today

Considering “A Heart of Love’s” excellent reception at the Rotterdam and Berlin festivals, we might go so far as to say that this modest yet mesmerizing picture will do better abroad this year than high-budget Polish productions.

Enlightenment Through Hell

A determined missionary on the last pagan island. What will prove stronger? New faith or old traditions? Bartosz Konopka is wrapping up shooting for his latest film “Krew Boga” – a story about faith and doubt, silence and dialogue.

Kantor wasn’t a nice guy

Director Jan Hryniak needs just two more shooting days to finish "Kantor. I'll never come back..." and he's been fighting for them for over 18 months now. “I'm making a film about an uncompromising artist; I'd see any concessions as an artistic failure,” Hryniak says.